Airco Renewables

Looking for renewable solutions and the right advice? Airco now has a full renewables department and we are able to offer you a wide range of services and products to allow you to achieve your goals. 

Driving Sustainable Solutions Through Engineering and Education

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic. Capturing the sun’s energy and creating free electricity for both commercial and domestic use.


Energy assessment and reporting advice. Our trained energy assessors will provide you with the best advice for obtaining a new rating and ensuring your compliance.

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisers can reduce the overall power consumption by 20% when wired in series with the main power supply.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is one of the brightest investments you can make in renewable technology. Fast payback and long life means that these are an obvious choice.

Air Source Heat Pumps

No gas? No problem! Air Source heat pumps are an efficient solution to replace boilers for heating and hot water.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Plug into home and on-site charging. Charging your electric vehicle at home and work is the best solution to operating this new technology.

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Our renewables team will be happy to help, advise and offer you answers and solutions just right for you and for the application.